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President's Corner
Dear Members and Friends,

As we approached this New Year with so much uncertainty, we can only pray that we be continuously blessed with good health and courage to withstand whatever challenges lie ahead. The coming year could be one of the most challenging times in our lives but we certainly know that we have our family and friends who would always be there with us.

It's always on times like this that we look for inspirations and encouragement from every source there is. And there are so much to look forward to, whether it be the changing of the guards in Washington, or from our own backyards, our families and friends. Now more than ever, we have more time to consider listening and spending more time with our love ones that we have put aside because of our very busy schedules.

There's always that good old cliche that everything happens for a reason?. Maybe that's how it is after all. Now we will be able to find more time to care and share with each other. Somewhere along the way, as we immersed ourselves from the tough challenges that we encountered, we are better off knowing that no matter what happens, we are still together, healthy and maybe happier for all we know.

So it is with hope and prayer that we look forward to the coming year.

Happy New Year to Everyone!

Edith Masacayan


October 17, 2009
Together, We Walk for the Benefit of Ondoy Relief Fund
Saturday, 7:00-9:30a.m.

The Great Mall of the Bay Area
Gate #4 (Food Court Area)
447 Great Mall Drive
Milpitas, CA 95035

Prices and awards follow.

The Filipino American Chamber of Commerce requests for your participation and assistance for the community fundraising event, Together, We Walk . . . , a Walkathon for the benefit of Ondoy Typhoon Victims

Come and participate in the Bayanihan experience! Walkathon Sponsor Sheets, Event Sponsorship, Volunteer Forms are available below.

Sponsorship Form

Volunteer Form

Event Sponsorship

We need your Help! Please invite your family and friends.

For more information, email us at or call the event co-chairpersons (408) 642-1782, (408) 420-5857, (408) 646-2675, (408) 729-7770.

You may also opt to make you donation to this Fund. Suggested Donation: 20.00

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